7 Pillars of Wellbeing


On my healing journey out of autoimmunity and into wellness and health, I discovered that several things were NECESSARY to achieve and sustain health and well-being. It’s not so cut and dry as “eat this food and take these pills and you’ll be ok!”

I learned that there is a specific formula to sustaining health. The sustenance was important for me, because I would reach a place of feeling better, then would slip down the slope at the first sight of a trigger.

I will explain these pillars that I discovered on my journey and share them with you here:

1. Environmental. This is huge. If we live in a sick house, if we’re constantly being exposed to toxins, chemicals, molds, abuse, etc, we can NOT and will NOT achieve wellness. Our environment and living space needs to be safe – in all meanings of the word. It needs to be a haven for healing: free of clutter, free of abuse, free of chemicals, free of molds. When we do this, it signals to our sensitive nervous systems that were able to relax and allow healing to happen. It signals that we no longer need to exist in fight/flight because we’re not longer in danger.

2. Physical. This one demonstrates balance. If we are too physical or not physical enough we will not heal. We have to find the middle path of the type, quantity and quality of movement that feels good to us as present. If we feel exhausted after lifting weights, that’s the wrong movement. Sometimes the best movement is a light walk in the woods followed by gentle stretching.

3. Nutritional. Another one about balance. We could be eating the most healthy foods, but maybe it’s compromising our digestion. Maybe we lack the enzymes to digest a salad or other raw produce, and cooked vegetables are what we need, along with bone broth, nourishing herbal infusions. Maybe we need more fruit or more fat. Keep a food log and chart how you feel after everything you eat. It will give clues about what works and what doesn’t for you now.

4. Mental/Emotional. If our thoughts are sick, our bodies will be sick. An amazing self awareness practice is to be aware of how much complaining we do in a day. Counter each complaint when gratitude. Then express gratitude and appreciation to someone new each day. Get out of the negative feedback loops and into the positive ones. Make the commitment to yourself and keep it.

5. Vocational. What is our purpose? What is our calling? Studies show that without a sense of purpose we don’t feel like life is worth living. Having a sense of purpose gives our lives meaning and importance. Acts of service give our lives meaning. What is your purpose?

6. Spiritual. This means we stop seeing things as we are, and see things are they are. We are awake to the woundedness of each human and have compassion anyway. Maybe this looks like a prayer devotion daily. Maybe it looks like meditation. Maybe it looks like service. Find something that resonates most and adhere to it.

7. Communal. This means community. In many cultures, community is medicine. Without this type of medicine, we stay stagnant. Without this type of healing, we don’t get the support we need. “It takes a village,” means that we can not heal in isolation. We need the support of family or chosen family, mentors, coaches, loved ones, to feel better and stay feeling better.

Finding a rhythm within this structure of the pillars helped me maintain health and well-being. If one of the pillars felt unstable, I could lean in on the others to regain strength and stability.

This felt important to me, because healing from PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, drug addiction and then autoimmune dysfunction left me feeling very isolated.

I am in the process of creating a 7 week program based off of these pillars. The program will include a workbook, recipes, online webinar classes, weekly check ins, a private face book group, coaching, and implementation practices. Over the 7 weeks you will he guided through life changing transformation and into a lifestyle that supports health, energy and joy.

Mandy Flanders