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At Mandy Wellness, your goals are of the utmost importance. Our focus to achieve them is Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness.

We specialize in working with people suffering from a variety of afflictions, with one specific goal in mind: to feel better. In a world that has become overloaded with toxins, education on mitigation is important. We understand the importance of a well balanced diet and clean eating, access to clean and chemical-free water and food. We value autonomy, and informed consent. At Mandy Wellness we believe that feeling well and healthy is a basic human right. Everyone deserves access to the knowledge that keeps us well.


“Feeling well and healthy is a basic human right. We all deserve access to the knowledge that keeps us well.”

— Mandy Wellness


As you learn to heal your body, you heal your mind. As you learn to heal your mind, you heal your body.


The fastest way to get healthy is to spend time around the healthiest people we can find. The largest factor in disease and degeneration, is a result of poor habits, old neurological programs that stem from childhood, and a difficulty changing the patterns. At Mandy Wellness, we focus on teaching and implementing new habits, making small commitments daily, and learning new ways of doing things to get out of the old ways that are no longer working.

Shifting an entire lifestyle takes time. Healing years of dis-ease and dysfunction takes as much time as it took to create it. When we undo these mental processes, we often come up against our own internal obstacles. At Mandy Wellness, we learn to recognize and understand what these self-sabotaging patterns can look like, how they can manifest, and how to overcome them.

At Mandy Wellness, you are in good hands. Are you ready to feel better?

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